A Streamlined Process...On-Time and On-Budget

With every project, a structured, time-sensitive schedule is maintained throughout every phase, ensuring customer satisfaction. To guarantee minimal interruptions of ongoing business, we test solutions on a sector and then begin to integrate on larger levels. User input and feedback begins in advance of development and continues throughout the process. Your company stays informed throughout the project and you are kept involved and up to date. This is critical to solving any IT problem. Since our success can only be measured by your achievements, your success is our primary goal.

  • Business Analysis
  • Corporate Presentation Assistance
  • System Architecture and Database Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Application Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Implementation, Training and Deployment

Our methodologies take into account your existing requirements as well as your future needs. Even when your needs are immediate, we provide more than the "quick fix". Next-generation technology should take you into the future, but your current technology shouldn't be a liability. We'll work with you to maximize your legacy technology, implement new technology, and ensure you become the master of your IT infrastructure.

Our processes are based upon years of knowledge, experience and technological expertise. Each step is a critical, fully analyzed procedure towards a larger-scale comprehensive IT solution. Whether your company needs are high-tech, legacy conversion or a combination thereof, Syllogic It Services can help you maximize your IT investment. The Syllogic It Services project structure includes:


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