Impart Docs Management System

Organizations worldwide are increasingly using document management software to facilitate quick uploading, and easy management of documents that their processes are normally associated with.Our comprehensive off-the-shelf Electronic Document Management solution, Impart V1.2 Suite, is designed to help organizations effectively manage documents and information.Document Management System enables the client to move from a paper-intensive environment towards 'Paperless' operations, while maintaining high efficiency and security. Through a combination of rich functionality and elaborate security, Impart V1.2 helps to maintain compliance with statutory obligations and regulations, which are of utmost importance to various businesses.

Impart V1.2 benefits:

   Integrated server-side OCR engine that requires no manual input. Automatic full text indexing of electronic documents

    Plug-in for MS Office and PDF. It enables user to store document into the repository from within the application itself

   Comprehensive scanning module

   Enables multi-page document creation

   Barcode separators for batches/folder routing

   Integrated viewer to provide user friendly interface for indexing

   No limit on number/fields of index field templates (metadata, document classes).

   Supports all forms of documents like Paper (scanning), Electronic Data like Emails and Faxes..


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