Governance, Risk & Compliance

Myriad policies, procedures, processes, and governance structures are forcing to turn their attention towards risk management systems and strengthen compliance. While this presents challenges, we provide a dedicated focus on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).Syllogic GRC services covers end-to-end and strong practice that help you to unify different risk activates around a single platform. Our services are tailored to our client's unique requirements and help them effectively manage enterprise risk ensuring compliance, information security, business flexibility and assurance.

We also enable you to transform risk levers to growth drivers by creating and maintaining a balance between benefits realization and risk optimization.Our dedicated team of experts with industry experience not only focus on your today's business but also help you think ahead with insights of the future, providing the strategic plan, program design and implementation and operating capabilities required to create a seamless delivery model. Our services include Enterprise Risk Management, GRC Technology Advisor, Compliance Management and Business Continuity Management.

Service Offerings

New perspectives. New ways of working. New services. Syllogic services portfolio can help you optimize and improve.

Our Services

Risk Management Services

Our experience in credit risk management and IT governance covers the entire risk management life-cycle including:

  • Automating and enforcing the integrity of rating methodologies.
  • Capturing client and transaction details.
  • Streamlining initiation and approval and monitoring workflow.
  • Maintaining and monitoring limits centrally in real time.
  • Extracting and storing transaction and external data from multiple sources.
  • Messaging and payment (cross-border) solutions.
  • Enabling Basel-II computations.
  • Generating pre-defined and adhoc reports
  • Operations Risk Management

    From start to finish, rely on one team to manage your entire lifecycle in operations risk management (standardized and AMA approach), including:

  • Designing risk measurement frameworks (e.g., key risk indicators and controls).
  • Data capturing along multiple dimensions (such as event types and lines of business).
  • Data modeling and designing the capital calculation and attribution engine.
  • Advanced reporting and scenario-analysis capabilities.

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