Syllogic Corporate Values

Since its inception, Syllogic have been governed by its core values, aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance oriented organization which creates value for our clients. These values are imbibed and embedded in our organization's framework, and our employees derive strengths from them as well as help us in achieving long term objectives.

Quality Objectives:

     Determined Innovation: "By the time we get it built, Customers will want Something New". We strive to achieve and got plus          of the Customers.

      Focuses on Client Business: We conduct in-depth interviews and discussions with our client to determine their operating          procedures and business needs. We emphasize our self into client's shoe.

     Deliver solutions / services based on cutting edge tools, technologies and methodologies.

     Commitment to Excellence: We constantly seek for feedbacks / NPS (Net Promoting Score) from our clients, employees and          investors. It enables us to serve our clients in a better ways. In short, we strive to achieve service excellence.

     Superlative Workforce: We identify talent that has the right blend of skills, attitude, orientation and culture. In the IT/          Application Business industries across various domains and technologies. Work culture is Our Brand


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