Syllogic Biometric Attendence System

Biometric Attendance System is one of the most powerful applications based on biometric technology, and is useful in various companies and organizations. The system is used to provide security and tract the attendance of personnel or employees

We offer SMART GETIN, an automated Biometric Attendance System which provides our client enhanced security and accuracy in capturing attendance of employees and personnel.

SMART GETIN Technology:

The system employs smart card integration with advanced technologies such as face detection and finger print matching. The smart cards can be a barcode printed on a simple entry cards, magnetic swipe based cards, or THUMB IMPRESSION OR EYE IMPRESSION ACCESS. To prevent proxy attendance with 100% reliability, the system has been developed to integrate both with smart cards and face detection technology.

Embedded Technology RFID Attendance

SMART GETIN equipped with a camera protects the system from 'proxy attendance'. Employees or personnel using smart card of another member can be detected by viewing the image at the SMART GETIN Server. In a situation where an employee forgets to bring his smart card, SMART GETIN behaves as a Basic SMART GETIN and provides provision to mark attendance by interactively choosing his name and providing password.

Biometric Finger Print and Irics Identification

It is envisaged to develop the Biometric Fingerprint Identification system first. And after successful completion of this system the second part i.e. Biometric Iris Identification system will be developed.

Description of Biometric Fingerprint Identification System: This system will consist of two units. One unit consisting of biometric fingerprint scanner and a digital camera placed at the entrance. The second unit consisting of a biometric fingerprint scanner, a PC and a 32" TV monitor. These two units are interconnected.

As the visitor entering the exhibit area will first register his finger print and also face by using the first unit placed at the entrance. Once he reaches the second unit he will initiate biometric fingerprint identification process by pressing the start key. Immediately an audiovisual program runs, explaining the basic principle of biometric identification technique. The visitor is asked to scan his fingerprint. The two finger prints viz. one taken at the entrance and the other taken at the second unit appear on the display. The audiovisual program explains the minutiae points on both the fingerprints. If the minutiae points match a visual indication appears indicating the match and at the same time the photograph appears on the screen. In case the fingerprints do not match a mismatch is indicated on the screen.


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